Class 2: Obedience Training (Bronze)
Obedience Training Class 2 (Bronze)
The Club’s Class 2 is based around the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Bronze level, in this class you (and your dog) will learn: • Advanced Socialisation Skills - through contact with other dogs and people. • It will develop it’s ‘stay’ and ‘recall’ skills. • It will develop it’s ‘walk on lead’ skills. • The foundations more advanced obedience. • Door control, and ‘advanced’ food manners are also considered in this class. You will also learn: • More advanced aspects of dog welfare and health. • Your role in a happy family pet’s life. This class is for graduates of the Puppy Class. The Class is  also for older dogs with little or no training, rescue dogs, dogs requiring extra help with socialisation etc.
Image of a Blue Merl Collie