About Linslade Obedience and Ringcraft Club ....
About the Club
Due to the current circumstances the Club is closed until further notice. Linslade Obedience and Ringcraft Club uses a variety of training techniques depending on the handler’s ability, and the dog’s experience but all are reward based. We encourage prospective members to watch any class to assess our suitability for their aims, but please contact us < here > first to ensure you come to the right class and at the correct time. The Club regularly takes part in demonstrations, (heel work to music, rally and obedience etc.) in support of local charities and other local events. Young persons under the age of 18 are welcome to attend training and indeed are encouraged to take part, provided they actually want to do so, BUT they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The Club has a number of qualified instructors within it’s membership and it encourages and supports suitable members in furthering their qualifications in canine behaviour, training and related subjects. There is more information about Kennel Club Approved Instructors (KCAI) on the Kennel Club website: <here> Attendance in all classes is subject to space being available, and we reserve the right to allocate dogs to a class as we see fit regardless of any prior qualifications. There is usually a Waiting List for all our Classes, however, once you have signed up for the Waiting List, we encourage you attend the Club as often as possible to 'sit in' on the class for socialisation and experience purposes. We strongly recommend that you should look at several different organisations before deciding to sign up for a course or join any club to ensure that the organisation meets your needs and expectations.
Image of a Yorkshire Terrier